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Konica C35 FD

The Konica C35 FD was sold only in Japan and rebadged as the Konica Auto S3 for the export market. This legendary Rangefinder does not disappoint and its 38mm Hexanon lens certainly lives up its reputation.

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No.2 Box Brownie

So I bought a No.2 Box Brownie for the princely sum of $8.95 on eBay. Made of cardboard in 1920 this camera still works and takes great photos! I gave it a good clean up and put tape over...

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Kodak Brownie Cresta

Circa 1955 the Kodak Cresta Brownie was made from Bakelite, and takes 120 film and shooting in a square 6×6 format. I made some modifications covering 2/3rds of the rotary shutter with tape to produce a faster shutter speed...

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