So I bought a No.2 Box Brownie for the princely sum of $8.95 on eBay. Made of cardboard in 1920 this camera still works and takes great photos! I gave it a good clean up and put tape over half of the rotary shutter to increase the single Shutter speed so I could use it handheld (there is no tripod Bush on this model). I shot a test roll of Kodak Tri-X400 as this model takes 120 films. I reckon it is now around 1/60th judging by the moving car and pigeons in flight. It looks like there is still light leaking in from the Frame Counter window, even though it was taped over, and the last frame folded under itself leaving some lines when I wound on? But not bad for a first test!

I took the Box Brownie out for a spin today in the bright sunshine and was able to use its smallest aperture, approximately f22 to take these photos. This little cardboard box continues to impress! The single element uncoated lens has tons of character, making everything look vintage! I think it worked well with the heritage subject matter.

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